Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Dubai, UAE, 28th June 2024, Pentagon Games, a new gaming publisher powering XR Metaverse through Deep Learning and Web 3, was crowned the winner at the prestigious Pegasus Startup World Cup Competition held during the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. This victory propels Pentagon Games to the global stage as they prepare to compete in the Grand Finale in San Francisco against more than 50 other top-tier startups from around the world.

The World Blockchain Summit is a marquee event that attracts thousands of Web3 innovators and enthusiasts annually, making it a prime venue for showcasing cutting-edge technology and visionary projects. Among the highlights of this summit is the Pegasus Startup World Cup Competition, which celebrates and recognizes the most promising and innovative startups in the tech space.

Pentagon Games’ triumph at this event is a testament to their revolutionary approach in integrating blockchain, AI, and metaverse technologies into the gaming industry. Their innovative solutions and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Web3 gaming resonated with the judges and the broader tech community.

Emma Liu, Co-Founder and CEO at Pentagon Games said: “We aim to revolutionize the gaming industry’s publishing and content distribution landscape. Our goal is to transform how gamers interact with their favorite titles by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality,  Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We believe that gaming goes beyond just sitting in front of your computer, TV, or playing on your mobile device. The future of gaming will be filled with more immersive, interactive, and unforgettable digital experiences that captivate players on a whole new level. We are extremely excited about our upcoming opportunity to compete with some of the best startups from around the world.”

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About Pentagon Games

Pentagon Games is a ZkEVM chain game publisher powering XR metaverse through deep learning and Web3. Funded by NFX, Binance Labs, Polygon, Spartan, Animoca Brands, YGG, Republic, and other top-tier investors, Pentagon Games aims to redefine the intersection of traditional gaming and the emerging Web3 landscape, establishing itself as a pioneering publisher that facilitates traditional game developers’ entry into Web3. The vision is to create immersive experiences that go beyond traditional gaming, incorporating elements of AI, AR, VR, and ZK Proof EVM blockchain technology to offer a truly integrated and interactive environment for players.

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