Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

USA — Nomad Internet and its revolutionary solution, Nomad Premier, ushers in a new era of easily accessible internet service paired with cutting-edge technology.

For just $9 a month, Nomad Premier removes the worry caused by internet outages and guarantees constant connectivity for all users. With the help of this ground-breaking solution and a Nomad Modem fitted with FlexPay Protect, users may enjoy premium internet benefits without paying extra.

Exposing Nomad Premier’s Advantages

Maintaining seamless connectivity while protecting against potential risks in today’s quickly changing digital ecosystem is critical. Not only does Nomad Premier meet these demands, but it also goes above and beyond by providing several extra features that improve the service. Here is a sampling of the many benefits that clients can take advantage of at no additional cost:

No effect on your credit score, and a high percentage of acceptance

Your convenience is our priority, and applying with us won’t negatively affect your credit score. It’s really easy and stress-free to start your Nomad Premier journey with their exceptionally high approval rates.

Lifelong Equipment Guarding

You can be sure that your essential internet-connected devices will always be covered. We promise to provide you with the best modem on the market today and lifetime ownership protection for your equipment, so you can always access the internet.

Protecting your digital way of life

You can feel secure when browsing the web thanks to enterprise-grade security measures. Our excellent encryption, guest WiFi, and VPN support guarantee that your online activity is protected from potential security risks.

24-hour equipment tracking and superior technical support

Get first-class technical assistance and 24-hour equipment monitoring. We’re available to help you whenever you need it, seven days a week, to make sure your online experience runs well.

Stability of Prices for the Next Three Years

With our 3-year price guarantee, you can lock in your rate and benefit from unmatched stability and flexibility. Enjoy the certainty of a fixed price for your premium internet connection and wave goodbye to worries about rising or falling prices.

Administration of Cloud-Enabled Applications

Our cloud software is easy to use and lets you easily manage your modem and internet settings. You have total control over everything from location optimization to installation process acceleration.

What Distinguishes Nomad Premier?

By selecting Nomad Premier, you are committing to a service that is designed to meet your needs now and in the future. Beyond only providing an internet connection, we guarantee to keep your internet service up to date, available, and fully supported.

Fast and limitless internet connection is made possible via Flex Pay, which eliminates the need to pay for a modem upfront. It’s about giving people the freedom to connect, learn, and experience a world of possibilities that aren’t limited by geography or expensive initial outlays.

Become a member of Nomad Premier to make quick, continuous internet access a reality.

A Look Inside Nomad Web Solutions

Nomad Internet was founded in 2017 to provide underserved rural towns and RV parks with dependable internet connectivity. As a licensed reseller of top network services in the US, we provide fast, secure wireless internet to travelers and rural communities nationwide.

At Nomad Internet, we consider accessing the Internet a basic human right rather than a luxury. In 2017, we realized that rural communities and RV parks, which had previously been neglected by established carriers, needed access to high-speed internet. We aimed to close the digital gap by giving these neglected communities access to dependable, fast internet, which would provide doors to new prospects.

Closing the Digital Divide

Nomad Internet recognized and attempted to close a gap in rural and traveler internet accessibility. More than just a service, providing stable, fast internet opens new possibilities.

Accepting Transformation and Innovation

Nomad places a high value on innovation in a quickly changing technology environment. We work hard to improve our offerings to give our clients the greatest possible online experience. Whether it’s through improvements to our customer service, network extension, or technology, we’re committed to fulfilling our users’ changing demands.

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